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Welcome and thanks for stopping by. Your Optimal Body is a site dedicated to releasing excess weight in a healthy, natural way.

What You’ll Find

Our pages focus on nutrition that incorporates REAL, unprocessed food. Improve your overall health in addition to dropping the unwanted weight.

Nutritional Advice

To achieve your healthiest and fit body, we recommend the Paleo diet. Be sure to use the form below to claim your FREE course called Paleo For Easy Weight Loss.

Exercise Recommendations

We also heartily recommend intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods. We find that these types of workouts burn a lot more fat in a shorter amount of time. You can often perform a highly-effective routine in 20 minutes or less.

These types of exercises include:

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Burst Training
  • Tabata
  • Challenge Complexes

What You Won’t Find

You won’t find recommendations for diet pills (not to be confused with whole-food based supplements), chronic cardio, “fat free” and “calorie free” eating or any other or fad diets. These types of practices produce temporary weight loss AND cause harm to your physical well-being.

That’s not what this site is about.

Most Importantly

We only display quality content on our pages. We will never recommend anything unless we personally use it and believe in it.

Our standards are pretty high so it’s really saying something when we promote a product or even write a review.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy the site!

– Jenny and the team at YourOptimalBody.com


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